Ready to Work

Good workers, with the right attitude and appropriate skills are needed by all our businesses. As members of Tourism HR Canada, the Yukon Tourism Education Council is part of a program to help create a first-class workforce. This program offers instructor-led learning, including career planning, transferable skills and occupational-specific technical skills

Benefits to Participants

  • Increased employability skills and knowledge
  • Transferable certificates such as First Aid/CPR, WHMIS, BARS, FoodSafe, and more
  • Greater understanding of job and career opportunities
  • Increased knowledge of activities in their community, region and province/territory
  • National Occupational Certification provides standards in the tourism industry, which provides recognition and credentials that are recognized across Canada.

Benefits to Employers

  • An employee who has received appropriate training for an entry-level position
  • Access to emerit training resources to be used for ongoing in-house training of additional staff -that will help to improve staff attitudes and performance, boosting the bottom line
  • Increased professional development to local workforce
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on training resources-this includes involvement in the development and updating of National Occupational Standards, as well as in-house training resources

Applications to this program are accepted year round. If you are interested please fill out the application form.

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