This program is designed to raise the level of customer service in the tourism and hospitality industry through the development of core customer service skills. Superhost provides participants with the skills and attitudes to “wow” customers. Going that extra mile is easy once you have directions!

  • An improved understanding of the value of customer service to the business
  • Significant improvement in the ability to handle customer service concerns
  • Improved ability to work as a team
  • Significant improvement in communications
  • Improved empathetic listening skills
  • Significant improvement in understanding the importance of GOOD customer service
  • Successful participants receive a certificate valid for two years and a pin
  • This is an 8 hour workshop. Please contact the YTEC office for availability and costs.

Service Across Cultures

SuperHost—Service Across Cultures is a 3.5 hour workshop designed to increase our awareness about our visitors and customers from other cultures, and provide practical skills and advice to improve our ability to communicate with them. As well, this workshop may provide you with some food for thought regarding your communications with colleagues from other cultures as we live and work in a multicultural community.

When we are serving people from other countries we often have to take special care to ensure that we communicate effectively. This workshop addresses inter-cultural communication issues and provides practical guidelines to ensure that we communicate with empathy and understanding, and make the most out of every contact with our visitors and customers.

Participants attending this enthusiastic, informative workshop, had the following ideas to share:

  • "This workshop made me think of my own perceptions and actions and to analyze them."
  • "There are different perspectives on cultural differences and conceptions that others have."
  • "There are many interesting customs from cultures around the world, this workshop has showed me the do's and don'ts of communications."
  • "I will need to be more open minded and understanding to different cultures."
  • "Be aware of cross culture communications."
  • "We need to treat our visitors in a manner we would appreciate if we were the visitor and not the host."